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eRecruit is our On-line Recruitment System designed to enable applicants to apply securely online and help organisations reduce costs and streamline the recruitment process.

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Improve recruitment efficiency

eRecruit clients achieve an average online applicant hit rate of 80%

Consequently, significant savings are attained with HR data entry workloads reduced and recruitment stationary costs scaled back.

Improve Form Accuracy

eRecruit allows candidates to complete their application form online

The System supports the recruitment process from vacancy creation through to applicant appointment. This reduces incomplete and inaccurate information and avoids difficult to read handwriting. Applicant data can be downloaded into your HR System.

Increase Awareness

eRecruit is branded to an organisation’s identity and integrated with its corporate website, allowing for increased marketing capabilities

With a large pool of online applicants applying for job vacancies, increased online traffic is channelled through the corporate website. As a result, the organisation constantly promotes itself and its services to a new market segment.

Secure data management

eRecruit complies with industry security standards

The system is annually pen tested, with both Hallmark Solutions and its hosting solution provider ISO27001 accredited. This provides users with full confidence and secure management of their data.

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Clicks together smoothly.

All your HR data centralised organised and maintained in one system

Each of our software products can interact through PAMS to create a unique and powerful holistic HR management suite.

eRecruit – Via eRecruit download applicant data directly into PAMS

Recruitment Module

  • Create job vacancies online
  • Create and customise criteria based questions per job vacancy
  • Request CVs for specific job vacancies
  • Alert applicants of approaching closing date via email
  • Attach blank application form for manual download
  • Download applicant data to HR System
  • Secure access to monitoring information
  • Configure short-listing PDF blocks can be sent to short-listing Panels upon closing date
  • Create reminder email for HR that the closing date has elapsed

Applicant Module

  • View job vacancies online
  • Apply and submit an online application form
  • Save and resume an online application form
  • Attach a CV
  • Securely submit personal data
  • Receive copy of submitted application via email
  • Receive job and company related documents via email
  • Receive automatic email alerts for closing jobs
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"eRecruit has revolutionised our recruitment process with over 80% of applicants now applying online"

We take great care in providing the best recruitment software to our clients

Operational Advantages

eRecruit speeds up the recruitment cycle whilst streamlining administration cost, such as paper, print and postage overheads. The HR team will have little or no data entry responsibilities for applicant records. The system will distribute customisable short listing PDF's of completed online applications to the applicants, short listing panel and the HR team.

Technological Advantages

The system handles high volume job applications in a consistent manner whilst offering access to vacancies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week reaching a global audience. The use of Digital Certificates provides applicants with the reassurance that their data is handled in a safe and secure manner. The system is designed to reinforce a professional and modern online representation of your company.

Client Statistics

With the average number of applicants per job increasing by 30%, more companies are using eRecruit to help alleviate the recruitment administration workload. eRecruit processes over 100,000 successful applications annually with an online applicant hit rate of 80% per client.

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